Factors of the Software Development Life Cycle

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Task 1

The software development life cycle consists of the number of phases that provide an understanding of software life cycle phases.  How the software is designed and developed in different circumstances comes under the SDLC life cycle. The main aim of SDLC is to provide high-quality software which provides high level of efficiency and performance. SDLC is the software development process that goes through number of phases. SDLC is most important in big projects and applications that require step by step procedures.The SDLC is about how all systems are created. It is a very powerful technique that users can apply for the creation of applications to solve problems using a computer system.

 SDLC underlines decision systems that effect the structure cost and support. These decisions must be established on full idea of systems, utilitarian essentials, and money related and concentrated attainability in order to make a convincing structure.

Customer expectations must be a meet and within regional cost.

Work effectively and efficiently within current and planned information technology infrastructure.

Are inexpensive to maintain

It is also a cost-effective system.


The primary objectives of SDLC( Software Development Life Cycle) are:

To decrease the danger of task disappointment.

Considering system and information specifications throughout the system’s entire life.

 Early identification of technical and management problems so that executives can deal with them readily.

To promote realistic expectations about what will and will not be provided by the schemes.

To make information easier to modify automatic, specialized, managers, and cost components of the suggested enhancement or modification of the structure.

For efficient corrective intervention to measure progress and status.

To promote efficient management of resources and preparation of budgets.

To believe about collecting the needs of current and future customers.




Waterfall model:

The waterfall model is a downward sequential flow model. It does not allow the process to go back and then analyze the process. It is a very simple software development model to learn and use.


Easy to explain

The waterfall model provides the Structures approach.

Phases in the process and activities are well defined that provides good help to developers.

With the Help of this mode, the designer can plan the undertaking and schedule it. Checking at each point ensures that blunders are located and misjudged soon.



V-shaped Model:

It is an increase in the cascade model, the method comes up in a prevalent V form instead of going down in a straight way. The true difference between the V-formed model and the cascade model is the V-molded model’s early test arrangement.

(v shaped life cycle)


System Software is the software that is required by system for their operations. The system software is the set of programs that provides a hardware interaction interface. It is a collection of program that supports computer operation. By taking some tasks like inputs, output, and storage. The operating system is the type of system software that provides the interface between user and computer hardware. An operating system provides the environment to run other applications.


  1. operating systems (Win XP, 7, 8, 10)
  2. NOS ( Network operating systems (win server 2000, 2003,2008))
  3. Assemblers and compilers
  4. Device drivers
  5. Antivirus and system tools

Application Software

Application Software is the kind of software that is used to user performs specific tasks. Applications software is installed on the operating system. Every organization and users can install any type of applications. These types of software are used to perform specific tasks.

Examples of application software

  1. Microsoft office word, excel, powerpoint
  2. Tally
  3. Photoshop
  4. Corel draw
  5. Browsers





System Software

Application Software


The hardware is operated using the system software

The user uses the application software to conduct a particular job.


When the work framework is implemented, the framework programming is implemented on the PC.

App software is mounted as required by the user.


As a rule, as it operates out of sight, the client does not interface with framework programming.

All in all, the client interfaces with application programming.


The programming of the framework can operate freely. It provides the programming of the application a phase to run.

It is not possible to operate the application software separately. They can not operate without a system software presence.


A compiler, assembler, debugger, driver, etc. are some cases of system software.

A word processor, internet browser, media player, etc. are some examples of application software.




Pseudocode is an informal language that helps the programmer to develop algorithms. it is a text-based designing tool. It is a simple way of writing programming code. It makes easier to create program. It is not an actual programming language. To write a simple program in any language, to develop that pseudocode we have to create a statement in simple English language.

For Example, We have to write a program for addition of two numbers

    Enter two number A and

    Add the number Together

     Print Sum

     End Program.

2. 2. Set total to zero

Set grade counter to one

While grade counter is less than or equal to ten

Input the next grade

Add the grade into the total

Set the class average to the total divided by ten

Print the class average.



Algorithms are the set of rules that are followed by a programmer to solve a problem or to develop an application. It gives a step by step process from start to end to solve a problem. The algorithm is just like that if we make a program we have to write inputs and step by step procedure for making programming code easy.

For Example:  write an algorithm for adding two numbers

Step 1 Start

Step 2 Declare variables num1, num2, and sum.

Step 3 Read values num1 and num2.

Step4 Add num1 and num2 and assign the result to sum.

             Sum= num1+num2

Step5   Display sum

Step6   Stop.

Algorithm for login and registrations

For Example:  write an algorithm for adding two numbers

Step 1 Start

Step 2 Declare text box 1, and text box 2.

Step 3 Read values from textboxes 1 and 2

Step4 check value from the registration table.

Step5   if value matches login page will open

Step 6 otherwise wrong username password message open.

Step6   Stop.







Flow Chart

A flow chart is a symbolic and graphical representation of process.  Every process is represented in the form of graphical symbols. It helps users or developers to understand the flow of data or information in the software. It is the most important part of software development which provides great help to the program to design good and efficient softwareIn distinct symbols each step is represented and includes a brief description of the method. The flow chart shows the sequential order representation which is of great help to developers.

All symbols of the flow chart are linked together with arrows and showing the process with direction. Flow chart uses different types of shapes to represent different types of action or steps in the process, arrows and lines represent connection between them.

For Example:

Draw a flowchart to add two numbers entered by the user.



Registered to the website with enrolment number, if already registered

Then login

Get Username and Password

If the user name is equal to the entered Username & the password is equal to the entered Password 3. Then login successful

4. Else login failed 5.

End If.

Get Username Get Password

 IF FILE EXIST THEN READ Password FROM FILE IF FILE. Password == Entered Password Login successful

ELSE PRINT “incorrect Username or password “

 ENDIF ELSE PRINT “incorrect Username or password “END IF

Admin login to account

2. Select admin selection option IF Required privileges given


Then go to student choices page

Enter relevant index number and registration number IF change subjects


Edit subject choices Save }

 ELSE {View past and present subjects} }

ELSE {Print “Privileges not given”} EXIT

4.2 algorithm

are the formula or procedure to solve the problems effectively and efficiently.

Algorithm for login and registrations

For Example:  write the algorithm for adding two numbers

Step 1 Start

Step 2 Declare text box 1, and text box 2.

Step 3 Read values from textboxes 1 and 2

Step4 check value from the registration table.

Step5   if value matches login page will open

Step 6 otherwise wrong username password message open.

4.3 solutions for the problem in the flow chart

Flow charts are the graphical representation which shows the data flow between the modules.  It shows all the information related to the project. Flow charts are very essential for the development of the project. If flow charts are not represented efficiently then it becomes very difficult to develop an efficient application.


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